Thank you Lord for. . .

boxed valentines, break and bake cookies, and $5 pizzas.

Today would not have happened without one of these three things. In other news, there are no less than three full baskets of laundry in my room waiting to be folded. They have been there since last Wednesday. It is a wonder I found something to wear at all.

Still, I love “What I Wore” because it is real and you don’t mind one bit that I actually wore all of these things last month. You are so sweet to pretend you have never seen it before. So really what I love is the love you have for “What I Wore”.  Do you know how awesome you are? For real, you are.

Here is what I Wore this week:

Left: I wore this for a video shoot with the amazing Brooke McGlothlin. She came into town to weary her flip flops and to dream and plan with me about future “Hope for the Weary Mom” projects. So exciting!

Sweater: Loft
Tank: Target
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Belt: American Eagle
Redeemed Necklace: Dayspring (affiliate link)

Center: I wore this to watch the IU game on television and to try to nap. IU won and my nap failed.

Cozy Hoodie: CAbi
Tank: Target
Jeans: American Eagle

Right: I wore this to church on Sunday. What you can’t see in the photo are my boots. I am wearing them every chance I get because it was 80 degrees today. Boot weather is fading here…

Dress: Loft
Belt: Loft
Jeans: American Eagle


Thanks for being you.

And being here.

Have you heard you rank higher than Java Chip?



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