Hey Friend!

I’m Stacey, as a write and speaker, I have a passion to connect with women in LIVE events and encourage them with the Truth from God’s Word. If you have a retreat, conference, or meeting coming up and need a Bible teacher or speaker, I would love to hear about your needs and partner with you.

Topics are based on my writing (you can see my books here) and include:

  1. Threadbare Prayer (NEW!)
  2. Hope
  3. Marathon of Motherhood
  4. Endurance
  5. The Living, Active, Sharp Word of God
  6. Word Driven Community
  7. Fresh Out of Amazing
  8. Worship
  9. Is Jesus Worth It?
  10. What Happens When Grace Walks In?
  11. Books of the Bible including deep dives into Habakkuk, Ephesians, Hebrews.

 Simply fill in the form below and I will be get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacey Thacker’s solid theology and conversational style meet women where they are, yet beckons them to go deeper with Jesus. Her passion for the Word of God is not only evident, it’s engaging and contagious. She speaks truth in a way that isn’t overly complicated and gives women the confidence to study the Bible for themselves Erin Warren

Former Women's Ministry Director, First Orlando

Stacey began to work with us as soon as we scheduled her to lead our retreat. She listened to us and began to pray about what God would want to share with our ladies. She spoke from a place of preparation in prayer and study of God’s Word. Stacey’s love of God’s Word combined with her passion for godly girlfriends engages women, draws them closer to Christ and inspires them to grow together as they share their lives over a cup of coffee and a bible. Dawn Smith

Women’s Bible Study/Connection Director, Lakewood Baptist Gainesville, GA


Stacey’s heart and passion for Jesus, God’s word and  speaking truth to women is undeniable! Stacey’s delivery of God’s word is a fresh breathe of encouragement from a friend who deeply cares for you. But it’s so much more… she’s a friend desiring you know and grow in your relationship with Jesus and with other women.  Stacey is real; as a woman, wife, mother and friend!

Deb Terry

Director of Foundation Worship and Women’s Ministry and Special Events, First Baptist Winter Garden