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  • Welcome Friends!

    Have you ever went shopping for a new outfit to wear to a special event and just hoped like crazy somebody said something about how nice you looked? Or at least, they noticed you did your hair up and put a little more effort into putting on your makeup. Well friends, this is one of […] [more]

  • Dear Weary Mom

    You can find the original Dear Weary Mom letter I wrote right here. It is the first page really of a long letter. This is the second page. My friends over at the new Hope for the Weary Mom blog, decided to turn this into a ¬†weekly series and ask all the moms to write […] [more]

  • What You Will Find Behind Every Brave Girl

    I stood in her kitchen eating a handful of candy corn and peanuts soaking up the encouragement she so easily handed out. I was avoiding the obvious and acting like my husband was not in fact in our van waiting for me to come back in the five minutes I had promised. My friend Lisa […] [more]

  • Lately

    There are no less than six books on my nightstand waiting to be read. Some of them are by friends I dearly love. I really do want to read them. All of them. The trouble is my prime reading time is right before bed and lately I’ve been just too tired to read more than […] [more]