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  • Welcome Friends!

    Have you ever went shopping for a new outfit to wear to a special event and just hoped like crazy somebody said something about how nice you looked? Or at least, they noticed you did your hair up and put a little more effort into putting on your makeup. Well friends, this is one of […] [more]

  • Dear Weary Mom

    You can find the original Dear Weary Mom letter I wrote right here. It is the first page really of a long letter. This is the second page. My friends over at the new Hope for the Weary Mom blog, decided to turn this into a  weekly series and ask all the moms to write […] [more]

  • {This} Writer’s Prayer

    Lord, First make me a listener. Give me ears to hear what you are speaking. Shut out the noise all around and let it be your voice that rises above every other. I ask for eyes to see the world brand new every day.  Let the miraculous lovely rise up out of the crazy busy […] [more]

  • Lately

    I sat in Panera Saturday morning having just polished off my cinnamon crunch bagel with hazel nut cream cheese ready to write. There is so much to write this summer and I finally found a spot where I could turn on my writing playlist and pour out my heart on the page. And then it […] [more]