2023 has been an incredibly full year.

If you have followed along, you know I started working full-time at my church as the Director of Women’s Ministry. In February my husband experienced a second sudden cardiac arrest. Thankfully, his defibrillator worked exactly as it was supposed to and he only spent a few days in the hospital and weeks of adjusting to new medication. My girls worked hard, went to school, served, spent time with friends and supported me in my new role at church.

I also wrote a new book (coming your way in 2025!) and started Write Like a Mom with my friend Brooke. I spoke a few times, taught weekly, coached writers and edited a couple of books.

I have been trying to slow down this week, between Christmas and New Years to think through key questions I saw from other content creators (Emily P Freeman and Ali Worthington to name a couple):

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • What am I most proud of?
  • How did I change?

I’m also looking forward to 2024

  • This year I’m coming back to writing in a journal. I picked out this one on Amazon with some Christmas money. I plan to get a new “color” for each quarter.
  • I’m studying Genesis for the entire year for my personal Bible Study. I’m doing 1 chapter per week. My oldest daughter and my mom are joining me. We all have these ESV Illuminated Journals to put our notes down and talk about.
  • I’m praying for 100 days through Threadbare Prayer. I think this is the 5th time through it. I’d love for you to join me!  Grab a book. Sign up here. 
  • I will keep reading too. I read about 1 non-fiction book each month and usually slightly more fiction books. I’m still working on my book list for 2024, and sometimes I like to decide as a I go along. You can keep up with me on Instagram if you want a reading buddy. I also have other book lists from previous years there as well. Just check my profile.

Other ways to kick-start 2024

  • Do you want a 31 day challenge for body, mind, and spirit? Join my friends Angie and Nikki for the Let it Shine Challenge. Angie has a brand new podcast (remember Chatologie?) called Let it Shine! and you will LOVE the format. Check this out if you want to shine bright this year!
  • Erin has teamed up with Million Praying Moms and written a fantastic 30 Day Prayer Journal on Faith. She will walk you into the depths of who God is and help you feast on truth! They are also interviewing other ministry leaders on the Million Praying Moms podcast in January. Get the book. Find out more here. 


As you are peeking over the edge towards 2024 I hope you see the goodness of God. As a good friend reminded me, He’s already there.