My Journey Through Grief and Loss

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Grief is how we heal. I believe that. If you have landed on this page I’m guessing you have experienced soul shattering loss at some time in your life. I have too. On March 25, 2014  my dad lost his battle with cancer—suddenly and without a chance for me to say one last goodbye. Over the past year I have waded in and out of an ocean of grief and I’ve written a little bit about it. I don’t have all the answers, but I know who does.

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Jesus draws near to us in our brokenness. He grieves with us. He holds us.

I wanted to collect all my words about my journey through grief in one place because maybe you just need to know you are not alone and someone understands.

  1. An Ocean of Grief
  2. When The View from Where You Sit is Rather Grey
  3. What to Say When You are Not OK
  4. Am I OK with Where I Am?
  5. To Savor or Say?
  6. What I Learned This Spring
  7. Lately
  8. When Wild Obedience Looks Like a Weepy Hot Mess of a Girl
  9. 6 Months
  10. Giving Thanks for Friends
  11. My Prayer for the Weary Ones
  12. When You Feel Like You’v Lost Your Song in the Valley of Bitterness
  13. The One Thing You Need to Know When The World Rages and Quakes
  14. When a Mom Walks Through Grief :: Podcast with God Centered Mom – Heather MacFadyen
  15. He is Mindful Of You
  16. A Good, Good Friday

Disclaimer: I am not a mental healthcare expert. I am simply a girl who lost her father and has waded through grief. If you are struggling and find yourself unable to function with every day life, please contact a counselor through your church or in your area. If you can’t find help, I suggest contacting Focus on the Family. They can help you find a counselor near you. Click the link below this box.

Focus on The Family


  1. kimmie

    My dad passed away suddenly-unexpectedly-whatever you want to call it 3 years ago. Today is his birthday. I’m just kind of holding on and riding out the day.

    • stacey

      I know that hurt. My heart stopped yesterday when I saw a Coke that said, “Have a Coke with Dad” and I pushed down the tears because sometimes you have to. And here is just one small idea. On my dad’s birthday (5 days after mine) we try do do something he would have liked. We played mini-golf, had milkshakes, etc. Celebrate him. And it will be hard, but good.

      Praying for you.

      • kimmie

        That’s a wonderful idea!!!



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