Fresh Out of Amazing Week is Here

This week is the week we have been talking about for two years friends. I could not have done it without you every step of the way.

Fresh Out of Amazing

Fresh Out of Amazing hits stores officially on Thursday September 1. I have so many thoughts and feelings going on in my heart today, but truly the first is gratitude.

Thank you for being part of this.

Today, I’m sharing over at my friend Lisa Whittle’s blog about being Burdened and Busy. I met Lisa a couple of years ago at a blogging conference. She is dear friends with my friend Angie and as it turns out we write and publish with the same publisher, Harvest House. Lisa is absolutely one of my favorite people. She was kind enough to endorse the book, too.



Humbled to be on her blog! Join me over there…



For more on the book, go here.

What I Wore (Summer Round Up)

I am in complete denial that summer is drawing to a close.  I could let my kids sleep late and slowly make our way to the pool forever. We didn’t do anything big this summer, but we did enjoy our lazy days. Maybe I enjoyed them most of all.

I have been keeping up with What I Wore over on Instagram. Today I wanted to do a quick summer roundup. If you want to keep up on a weekly basis join me over there. It is my favorite!




Left:  Friday T-shirt (Fairtrade Friday), Jeans (Yes I made them from Lucky Brand Jeans), Shoes (Kohls)

Left Center: Shirt (Loft), Jeans (American Eagle), Shoes (Target), Cuff (Farmgirl Paints)

Right Center: Dress (StitchFix), Sweater (Loft), Shoes (Target)

Right: Shirt (American Eagle), Shorts (Loft), Shoes (Target)

This new dress is going to be favorite but I will probably wear it sparingly because stripes are memorable right? Oh but it has pocketes…yes it does!




Left:  Top (Old Navy), Jeans (American Eagle Skinny Jeans), Cuff (Farmgirl Paints), Necklace (Fairtrade Friday), Shoes (PayLess)

Center: Top (Nordstrom Rack), Jeans (same), Shoes (Target), Cuff (Farmgirl Paints), Necklace (Lisa Leonard)

Right: Top (Stitch Fix), Jeans (same), Cuff (all 3 of mine are shone in this series – Farmgirl), Jeans (same), Shoes (Same)

Summer finds me mostly in tank tops and jeans. I know it is hot, but I don’t wear shorts all that much. Love this new swing top from Old Navy. I bought it this summer and they have other colors too!



Left: Cardigan (Banana Rep Factory Outlet), Top (Loft), Shorts (Khols), Shoes (Target),

Center: Blouse (Nordtrom Rack), Pants (Straight black cut – Kohls), Shoes (Kohls)

Right: Hoodie (Evys Tree), Top (Old Navy), Jeans (American Eagle), Shoes (Target), Necklace (Fairtrade Friday)

So I did buy a new pari of denim shorts and I love these because they have some stretch. Also the black pants are new. I’ve been looking for a pair with straight legs to wear. Loving this!

Links: *Stitchfix (affiliate link)  Fairtrade Friday  Farmgirl Paints American Eagle Nordstrom Rack Old Navy


Hope you have had a great summer! My blog is going to be updated soon(I know some of the links aren’t working except for on Mobile)  and I have a new book coming out (yay!). You can find out about that over here.



If I Ever Get to Be a Fine Writer

Have you ever started something and then wondered what in the world you were thinking? It reminds me of the scene in the movie Tangled when the main character decides to bravely step out of her comfortable towered room into the unknown for the first time in her life. As she takes her leap of faith she joyously exclaims, “Best day ever!” However, in the next scene she is a weepy hot mess lamenting her decision and branding herself a failure. She tumbles from heights of happiness to the depths of despair, back and forth over and over again.

I’ll admit it. Writing a book  that lays wide-open my heart has me experiencing all the feelings a girl can feel. I have bravely stepped out of my own comfortable towered room into the unknown. On one hand I am ridiculously excited because I love the idea of you putting down my book and inspiring you to pick up the Book that truly matters. This is my greatest hope. I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating, “The one book I want you to read more than mine is God’s Word.” My passion for God’s Word has only grown as I’ve placed myself at his feet and said time and time again, “What do you want your girls to know about your book, Lord?” He has been faithful. I have been moved to tears more than once at his nearness and direction.

At other times, I find myself face down on my bed questioning my calling. I wonder what in the world I’m doing trying to pen words about holy things. I have quit so many times in my head. I’ve assured myself my editor would be grateful if I just sent the contract back and said, “Truly, you have the wrong girl.” Surely they would receive my regrets with relief. Surely.

Have you ever felt that way? What did you do about it?


Apparently author Flannery O’Conner struggled with going back and forth in her head as well. She was in college when she wrote these word in her prayer journal. I was so moved by it.  It is such a sweet and timely reminder. The important thing for each of us to remember this is God’s story, not ours. As we place ourselves in his hands, he fills the pages of our lives with enough holy words that overflow into the lives of others if we let them.

But the invitation for us is to simply write Jesus across every heart we encounter. When we do that people will not say, “She is amazing.” They will say, “Wow. Her God is good.” Fresh Out of Amazing, Chapter 9. 

Oh sweet friend. Let him fill your heart and then write Jesus across every other one you encounter. And let’s just give him all the glory. May we not steal any for ourselves or our own platforms.

Jesus, pick up your pen. Write on my heart.

Today and always.




*Post contains one tiny affiliate link. If you click through and make a purchase I get a compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you .

He Weeps With Us

There is always a risk in writing when you emotions are raw and unchecked. Sometimes it is a train wreck. Other times beauty arises from ash heaps. I’m trusting God with my words in this moment because as a writer, I think better when words are flying.

I grew up in the midwest. I’m a small town girl by birth. Nearly fourteen years ago we moved to the City Beautiful and made it our home. Three of our four babies were born here. We shop at Publix and we run and get frozen yogurt on hot summer nights just miles from where today, helicopters are circling. We saw them on the way home from church. “What is that all about one of my teenagers asked?” I reminded her of what our pastor said this morning and she said, “Oh right.” It wasn’t that she wasn’t paying attention. Maybe it is the gift of youth when you hear something in the news but don’t realize the seriousness of it all. I envied her a bit in that moment.

My heart is heavy. I can’t bring myself to  turn on the news. I have only been able to do a quick scan of social media channels because these streets, these people, this city is in fact my own. I know enough of reports to tell you that if I entered full into the details I would cry for days.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I don’t go to clubs. I wasn’t out at 10:30 pm at a concert on Friday night or at a bar early Sunday morning. I was home trying to get my girls to sleep and planning what we were going to wear to church. I am a mom. And this snapshot of a story wrecked me completely:



The look of a mom waiting for news of her son. Washed out. Wide-open stare. Do you know why? Because there are no words a mom can utter when she doesn’t know what is happing to her child. And it doesn’t matter one bit if he 30 or 5. He is her boy.

Hot tears fill my eyes because as a mama I have wrestled at the bedside of my child. I have asked God to intervene. I have sat washed out and wide-eyed myself. I’ve begged God to fix it, and had to make peace with the fact that sometimes he simply does not. 

I don’t have any deep theological answers. But I know this.

“When Jerusalem came into view, He looked intently at the city and began to weep.” Luke 19:41

This same Jesus weeps with us too. 


He not only weeps with us, he lingers with the broken.

So today, with raw emotions and words that really can’t seem to land too well, I’m going to do what my pastor called our congregation to do. I’m going to pray. I’m going to love my city and the people in it.

Because that is what Jesus is doing.






What I Wore Instagram Roundup

Happy Wednesday! I know what you are thinking. Where has What I Wore been hiding? I promise you I am getting dressed every single day and usually I snap a picture. But life lately has been on the crazy side of busy and I have found a beautiful and *simple* way to share What I Wore over on Instagram. By the way, do you follow me over there? Please do, it is my favorite place on Social Media! (go ahead over there and click follow).

My plan for now is to post weekly on Insta for #whatIwore each Wednesday. Here on ye old blog, I will do an Instagram roundup from time to time. I think that is a happy mix of goodness. Can I tell you a secret? What I Wore has been such a huge and unexpected blessing to me. I love interacting with you about something as simple as my cardigans. I love that it gives me a chance to talk without writing. Does that make sense? At the same time it has benefited my writing tremendously by helping me learn my particular voice as a writer.  Who knew?

So here is what I’ve been wearing!


Left: Shirt (Nordstrom Rack), Lace camie (Grace and Lace), Jeans (American Eagle), Shoes (Kohls), Cuff (Farmgirl Paints, Necklace (Fairtrade Friday)

I wore this to speak in at a spring brunch for moms and mentors at my church. I admit I tried on like 10 outfits before landing on this one. I think the lace popping out and cute leopard print shoes are my fave!

Center: Shirt (Stitch Fix), Sweater (Maurcies), Jeans (same), Shoes (Target), Cuff (same)

So this sweater is new for my birthday. Love it. It has a hood which makes it super fun. And it is on the thin side so perfect for Florida air conditioning.

Right: Hoodie (Evy’s Tree), Tank (Lucky Brand), Jeans (same), Shoes (same)

I love red with this hoodie. Evy’s Tree just released the same style in black and blush. I was strong…I did not order either new color but boy did I want to! I love this one.


Left: Sweater (Maurices), Shirt (Maurices), Jeans (American Eagle), Shoes (Target)

Left Center: Jacket (Stitch Fix), Shirt (Loft),Jeans (same),Shoes (same)

Right Center: Jacket (Stitch Fix), Shirt (Nordstrom Rack – see above post), Skirt (Target)

Right: Shirt (Stitch Fix), Shorts (cut offs by me a pair of Lucky Brand Boyfriend Jeans), Shoes (Target)

This week I discovered I had a $75 Stitch Fix credit on my account! Yippee! So I ordered my next fix for June. I can’t wait! So many of these pieces above are my favorite pieces from Stitch Fix. Do you know Stitch Fix? It is a service where they shop for you and send it all to your house. You fill in a profile and they do the rest. You get to keep whatever you want (and pay for it) plus a $20 styling fee. If you “shop” the fee is part of what you buy so no extra cost to you. It is really like Christmas when you get a box just for you! Love it! Click here to find out more and when you order your first fix I get a tiny credit at no extra cost to you! Thanks!


Left: Tank (Maurices), Jeans (American Eagle),Shoes (Target), Necklace (Fairtrade Friday),Cuff (Farmgirl)

This tank is so fun. I got it for my birthday from my mom! (aww!) She took me shopping and I found this and fell in love.

Center: Top (Loft), Jeans (same), Shoes (same), Necklace (Foreverly), Cuff (same)

I grabbed this top from Loft a few months ago. I almost didn’t because of ($$) but I am so glad I did. I wear it tons and love its simplicity.

Right: Top (Loft), Jeans (American Eagle),Shoes (same)

I know this is basically the same look as #2, but can you tell I really love this for summer? I usually go sleeveless and add a cardigan. Just so easy!


I really do hope you will join me over on Instagram! It is the most fun. My blog is going through a re-do soon. So, I appreciate your patience as that happens!




Stitch Fix

FarmGirl Paints – Cuffs

Evy’s Tree – Josie Tunic

Grace and Lace

Fairtrade Friday Club