Happy Merry Christmas

Happy Merry Christmas sweet friends. {My youngest at age  walked around saying this to everyone. It stuck}. I don't know if there will be snow or sunshine. I'm not sure if you will find your stocking overflowing with goodies or tiny lumps of coal. But I do know this....

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Honestly, I don't feel like anything this week is truly wrapped-up. I can feel my heart longing for the quiet of Christmas and all I can find is the growing list of things I need to do. Like, shop for all my people and celebrate a birthday this week. I remember the...

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Hi, I'm Stacey, Mike's wife and the mother of 4 vibrant girls. I love God's Word, my family, blogging and more coffee than I should. I'm so glad you stopped by! [Read More…]

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