Summer is coming. You can guarantee after the celebration from school being on break for a few days wears off, your kids will say this over and over:

“Hey Mom, I’m bored…”

At the Thacker house, when someone says “I’m bored,” I take this as a cue to give them a chore. They groan. I feel a small victory. Though it gets those nasty chores finished, it does not move me closer to “Mom of the Year” in their eyes. Sometimes, I’d take that over clean bathrooms.

Truth 1: I am not an outdoor mom

Truth 2: I am not a ‘fun’ mom.

Truth 3: This is why God gave us mommy friends who are.

Enter my friend Jen Murray.


(Jen and I at .dotMom this past September)

She is a mom of four, just like me. But, she  had them all at once and they are all boys. She has more than a few good ideas on how to have adventure this summer with your kid.  She is awesome and wrote it down in an ebook for moms like me who need a little love in that department:

<Click here to visit KidVentures – Jen Murray.>KidVentures-300x250

Jen sent me a preview copy last week and I sent her my thoughts:

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 8.33.02 AM

The cost of this ebook is only $4.99. So you are $4.99 away from having a great summer plan for the I’m bored days. You can get it at Amazon or through E-Junkie by clicking the link above the image. Both of these links are affiliate links for me, so if you click and buy I get a small compensation. In effort to fully disclose my intentions, you should know I will be using that compensation to buy zip line tools and make coffee can ice cream.

Thanks Jen. You are awesome.

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