I see it in your eyes as you force a kind smile and simultaneously hold back tears when I ask you how you are doing.

“Don’t ask me how I’m doing and really mean it, because I might just tell you the truth.  

If I do, I will not be able to hold it in any longer,” you are thinking and praying.

All day long it has felt like everything is falling apart and you are trying to keep it all together. You are running and you don’t see a place in your day where you can stop for even just a minute. And in this moment you are tired. You are so very tired of being the one who gets to be strong and dependable and brave.

I understand my sweet friend more than you know. And I want to tell you one thing today I hope makes a difference in your tomorrow:

You are being held right now.

  • His name is hope. He is the very thing you need. 
  • He is filled with grace and truth. You don’t have to be.
  • He is light. The darkness has not overcome.
  • He will fight for you. You don’t have to.


And one more thing my dear friend. I’m praying for you. May you feel His loving arms around you and sink back into His embrace, knowing that the weight of the world was never meant for you to hold.

But on the days you do, remember He is holding you. 



 For reflection: Matthew 12:21, John 1:14, John 1:5, Exodus 14:14