I heard an author say once, “It is about a two year process from start to finish with each book.”

First you write and edit it. This process usually happens in the first year months before anyone even knows the book exists, you are hammering away on your laptop pounding out the words. Later, comes marketing the message which of course you feel passionate about. When the book actually releases you have been thinking about it intently for over a year. As you carry that message everywhere it is woven into the fabric of your daily life and (hopefully) others join the conversation. This is my favorite part and I find myself drawn to listening to others and their hearts. It inspires me to dig deeper into each message.

Since 2014 I have written 4 books. Three of these books have been released and made their way to your local bookstore. The fourth is on its way to you in just a few weeks. I’m a bit behind on the two year deal I think.

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I feel like a mom with 4 kids under three.  I love each of these works fiercely and I do not want to miss the work God is now doing through them.  They are all part of my story.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I should be writing especially in light of what has happened in our lives most recently. I’ve wondered if I should be writing right now or taking a really long break. Honestly, the latter is super tempting. The bottom line is that I want to know Jesus and the power of his resurrection personally. I don’t want to miss what he wants to teach me simply because life has been hard. I also long to write words that point women to Jesus from the deepest parts of my life—even the broken parts. These experiences I have wounded us. But I have found time and again that God brings healing, primarily through his word in my life. This journey has broken me in a way I hadn’t expected. There is sorrow and suffering—yes. But there is always Jesus present with us. I assure you he is.

So, even though my publisher has extended much grace, I’ve prayerfully decided to write the second book in  The Girlfriends’ Guide to the Bible Series this summer.  It is based on Ephesians and I am working my way through it slowly asking God to give me eyes to see his truth in a fresh new way.

When I think about Ephesians I think of a group of people living in the middle of a hot and crazy culture who hated them because of their Savior. I think about a young preacher just trying to point them to Jesus. I think about a mentor named Paul who had to tear himself away from them because God was calling him elsewhere. I think of more words written to this pastor than any other in the Bible.  I think of life on life ministry even when you can’t be near.

I think of prayer.  I think of grace. I think of warfare my family has experienced and probably will find in the coming days. It makes me cry out, “Jesus let me be a grace made girl forever in you.”  Finally, as I look forward I want to love Jesus more and more. I don’t want to stand on the others side of today’s trials and hear, “What happened girl? When did you lose your first love?”  Do you?

I am choosing by faith to believe God has made a divine appointment for my heart here in the pages of Ephesians. I committed to writing this book over a year ago. I had no idea how much I would need it. God of course did. I also trust that he has a message for your heart as well, so I’m inviting you to come along with me. Parts of what I’m writing behind the scenes always sneak out somewhere. So stick around this summer. I think God wants to tell you that you are his. It changes everything about you. I believe as you dwell in this truth, something will rise up inside you to walk out your faith differently. How do I know that? Because that same truth is changing my world even as I write these words. I have come to believe that there is a beautiful freedom in not only knowing who you are, but whose you are. You and I have been given the glorious gift of being his girl. God wants to write this Word on our hearts.

I don’t want to miss it.



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P.S. Book 1, Is Jesus Worth It? is coming 09/01/17. I will be having a small launch team (watch for sign ups soon) and pre-orders are available at this time. I’m working on a few bonus items for everyone who requests a copy before launch date. By they way, if you have any ideas about that, leave a comment below. What pre-order bonus items do you love? This is where I truly need your help. I can’t carry this message on my own. God has made it clear this launch will be different than the other books I’ve sent out into the world. But, I believe he is going to do more than I can ask for or imagine with it. I’d be so honored if you would be part of it.

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