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Clearly, I’m a girl who enjoys a good cup of coffee. It is even better when I get to slow drink a cup with a dear friend on the other side of the table. I wish we could sit down together today and talk about all the things. We would probably start with the usual, “How are you?” “Where did you get that cute shirt?” and “Should I have the chocolate chip cookie?” (The answer is always “Yes!” to that last question.) But eventually we’d start digging deeper into our stories and our chat would connect our hearts in a deep, deep way only Jesus can orchestrate.

If only we could do that today. But, maybe we kinda sort of can.

My friend Angie has started a podcast that feels just like a coffee date. It is called Chatologie and quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am so honored she asked me to be her guest. Because the truth is, I know I have needed to begin to unfold the story we’ve been living over the past several weeks. It has many layers, and this interview was a beautiful and safe place to start to share parts of my heart that have felt unsure.

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Angie and I on my birthday a couple of years back.

So, take a listen today to episode #3 of your new favorite podcast too. Also, go back and listen to Lainie’s story in Episode #1 (she featured in Fresh Out of Amazing chapter 2) and Episode #2 with Lisa Whittle who always encourages me to be a #JesusStrong girl. And then, you will be ready for episode 4 which will air next week. Go ahead and subscribe to Chatologie on iTunes. Because coffee dates are important.

Listen to our chat here. And thanks for being my favorite kind of girlfriends.



P.S. We also talk about my current 3 favorite things, growing up in a small town, writing, Hope for the Weary Mom, Fresh Out of Amazing, and my new book coming out in September! Y’all we talked about all the things! Please listen and share it with your favorite coffee date friends!