I wrote Threadbare Prayer in December 2019.

And as I sat in various Starbucks and Panera breads all over town writing and listening to Christmas music, God pressed on my heart to include a Christmas Threadbare Prayer in this pocket prayer book. And so, I tucked a special Christmas prayer on page 123 based on Matthew 12:21. It is one of my favorites!

As I was thinking once again about that season 2 years ago, my heart longed to engage with the mender of my threadbare heart once again. I though maybe you might want to join me as well. I have written a 5 part Christmas Devotional called: God Sent the Mender.

If you would like to take part in this devotional series it is really pretty simple.  I am asking that you purchase a copy of Threadbare Prayer (for yourself if you don’t have one and or one as a gift to give this Christmas). This will absolutely be on the honor system. I will not be checking up on you.

Next, sign up for the free email series by clicking here.

You can also join the Threadbare Prayer Facebook Group here.

I will start sending the simple devotionals out the Monday after Thanksgiving. You can work at your own pace. You might choose to do them daily, weekly, or a couple at a time. It is really up to you. I will also personally be sharing with the Threadbare Prayer Private Facebook Group as well during the month of December on a weekly basis.

My prayer is that you remember Jesus came at Christmas so we could know him, behold him, and be with him forever. He is our best heart mender.