If you received my newsletter on Friday you know this summer I have been feeling fresh out of amazing. I’ve been here before. I’m practically a professional at feeling this way. It is almost like I’m standing on a stage with several hundred people watching and waiting for me to do something amazing and I’m fresh out. I have nothing left to give.  So I just stand there staring back at them in the awkward silence. I can’t run off stage. I can’t explain what is going on in my heart. I’m wordless and they are waiting.

The Lord has been dropping all kinds of hints that I need to find a once and for all solution for this familiar place. He has led me to some passages of Scripture and is speaking gently to my heart. I’m using what I’m learning to prepare a talk for the Declare Conference later this summer. Here is the description and a short video:

[callout]”How do we wildly obey God when we are exhausted, disappointed, and simply fresh out of amazing? A tiny book in the Old Testament might just have the answer. Habakkuk was a prophet who was discouraged and wrestling with God. What did he do? He stationed himself at the watchtower and waited to see what God would say. What did God say? How did Habakkuk respond? Let’s unpack it together and discover encouragement four our hearts as well.”[/callout]

Can you identify with me here? I’m guessing you can. I know the answers are found in God’s Word and I’ve already found myself resting in him because of what I’m studying. He is so faithful.

Will you pray for me as I regroup and prepare for this talk which I think will  radically change my life? I can’t wait to share more with you in the days ahead.



P.S. I also recorded a podcast for Declare about being Fresh Out of Amazing. We also talk about writing, following a spark, and how I’m so proud to be a blogger.   You can listen right here.