“Sometimes fear shows up like an uninvited house guest on our doorstep with a cute little suitcase packed full of lies. Before long, without planning, we are chatting over cups of hot coffee, swapping stories, letting fear feel quite at home. Fear understands us. Fear wants to spend time with us. Fear prefers us. And suddenly that suitcase full of lies finds its way not just into our homes but our hearts as well.

Our fears may feel larger than life, but they are not larger than our all-sufficient God who is engaged on our behalf. Whatever you might be face today, this is truly His heart on the subject of fear:

‘Fear not, I am with you. I will strengthen, help, and uphold you.’ (based on Isaiah 41:10)

I think our hearts crave connection with God. We were made for it. He knows this and yet does far more than we can ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). The beautiful by-product of God’s presence is the possibility of community with other women. When my heart connects with God first, I no longer worry about comparison or rejection from women who might not understand my own struggle with fear. God actually draws others into my messy story because that is where the sweet spot of connection happens naturally.” Β (excerpt from Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real-Life Engagement from the (in)Courage Community)

This past year I was invited to be a tiny part of a new book by the (in)courage community.

Saying yes was the easy part.

Writing it was a little tougher. I was asked to write on Isaiah 41:10 and I came face to face with my pretend friend named: Fear. Β At that point, she had moved right in and was taking up valuable space in my life. I needed to send her packing. AGAIN. Which is the embarrassing part. I have to keep doing that. Sigh…

As it turned out writing this small piece for the (in)courage book was a gift to me because I was reminded once more that my fears are not bigger than God. He is enough.


The fabulous people at (in)Courage also teamed up with the super talented creatives atΒ Illustrated Faith. They do the most beautiful journaling kits. And now you can get one based on the Craving Connection Book. They were sweet enough to include my words on the page and now all these lovely ladies are tagging me on Instagram with their stunning designs. I may have asked them all to come and color in my Bible, too.

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