Not long ago I ran into a girlfriend at church. We started talking over our to-go cups of coffee we had hauled into church,and pretty soon I realized that she was going through a lot more than she could bear alone. My heart broke. And the Lord said, “Pray for her.” And so I did.

A few minutes later I ran into another girlfriend. Her story was different but the same if you know what I mean. The “fix-it” girl within me wanted to make it all better. And the Lord said, “Commit to praying for her.” And so I did.

I came home that Sunday with a burden and a plan to start praying intentionally for my girlfriends. I didn’t want to see those sweet friends again and not have logged some serious time talking to the Father on their behalf. Not that they expected it, but I wanted to know that I had helped carry the burden in a very real way—through prayer. I suspect that you feel the same way about the people in your life too.  I thought you might want to join me.

So here is the plan: Every Tuesday pray for your girlfriends. 

  1. Ask them how you can pray.
  2. Set aside intentional time every Tuesday to cover them and their requests.
  3. Text them. Call them. Tell them “I’m praying for you on Tuesday.”
  4. Repeat






P.S. You can find a reminder each Tuesday on Social Media and use the #ggtbpray.

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