photo by Mike Thacker

Have you ever noticed how making a personal connection to an issue makes it dig deeper into your heart? Suddenly it is not really just a cause anymore. The cause has faces. The cause is about lives being changed. Today I’m hoping to do that for you with a business I love that is changing lives and setting women free. The business is called Freeset. This is their mission:

Freeset is in business for freedom. Freedom from human trafficking. Freeset is a fair trade business that sells bags and t-shirts, made by women freed from human trafficking in Calcutta, India. The women are able to have a job with dignity, making products, instead of being the product. Every woman receives three times the wage they would receive in line (the prostitution line), learn to read and write, daycare for their children, have medical insurance and retirement benefits. Women were tricked, trapped, or trade and find themselves seemingly without a choice. Our goal is to change the economic scope of Sonagacchi, Calcutta’s largest red light district, to one of freedom, instead of the sex trade. Watch our video, shop our bags, change lives.

See those three adorable girls in the photo above? My husband took this amazing photo while in India last fall on business. I have fallen in love with these three girls. They are why we do what we do in our personal ministry. And they are also why Freeset does what it does. They rescue girls like this every day. Girls who get lost. Girls who have no choice. Girls who are desperate for freedom but have no way out.

You can be their way out. You can buy a bag or two. You can share this business on Facebook. You can give awesome gifts and dress them up in these sari trimmed bags. I mean really, did you know that you can make a difference like that today?

Left to right: Hope Sari Trimmed Bag, Sari Trimmed Bangle, Farmhouse Bag

I have each of the above pictured  Freeset products and I love them all for different reasons. The Hope Bag is great for taking on trips and folding up in my carry on bag, the bangles are gorgeous and each one is a conversation starter, and the Farmhouse bag gets lots of attention when I take it to the grocery store.

I am excited to be giving away a Farmhouse bag today for one blessed 29lincolnavenue friend. Leave a comment to be entered to win. But above that, please go share this post with others so they can learn about this amazing business. You can leave an extra comment if you do. I’ll draw the winner next Thursday and announce it here on Friday.

You can shop Freeset here or follow them on Twitter or Facebook. They are also happy to customize bags for any of your events as well.