Weary lays me low.

Do you know what I mean? Do you feel pushed down, beat up, down for the last count? Lately, I feel this lowness on a daily basis. The problem for me is lingering in the weariness and letting it take me to other places where fear, defeat, and anger live. I need a remedy that will quickly serve to raise me up.

I have found the answer, I believe. I’m not sure if it is the same for you. But, I’m guessing, because we are made by the same creator that it is true for you as well.

Worship raises me up.

My weariness bows to the one I was made to worship. As I listen and sing songs my heart love about my Savior I am lifted up, too. Worship, fills me in a way that nothing else does. Sometimes, the Lord slips special gifts of songs in my heart and invites me to sing them all day long.

This week it was a song by Christy Nockles. I think she is writing the songs of my mothering days. I absolutely connect with her words for Jesus in the deepest way.

“You Revive Me” by Christy Nockles, by Passion Worship Band | from the Passion White Flag” album

You revive me
You revive me Lord
And all my deserts are rivers of joy
You are the treasure I could not afford
So I’ll spend myself till I’m empty and poor
All for You
You revive me Lord

Verse 1:
Lord I have seen Your goodness
And I know the way You are
Give me eyes to see You in the dark
And Your face shines a glory
That i only know in part
And there is still a longing
A longing in my heart


Verse 2:
My soul is thirsty
Only You can satisfy
You are the well that never will run dry
And i’ll praise You for the blessing
For calling me Your friend
And in Your name I’m lifting
I’m lifting up my hands

I’m alive
I’m alive
You breathe on me
You revive me

How appropriate this song is from the “White Flag Album”? I have been waving mine for years now, daily. He is the well that never will run dry. Oh girl, that is truth my weary heart needs today. All day long. He really does want to lift us up. He wants to fill us with His presence and turn our dry and weary hearts into gushing rivers of joy.

Will you worship, weary mom, with me?




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