Last January I wrote a post for a blog called Together in 10 which was the premiere fashion blog for the mommy crowd. It was such a fun post with the best comments. Sadly, the Together in 10 site died a very unhappy death and so did my post. I’ve been looking for it everywhere on the web, where old posts go to pasture. I have had no luck at all. I did find part of it, this weekend and decided to recreate the post.  So here goes…

Hello, my name is Stacey and I am cardigan addict. I suppose I didn’t mean to buy 7 of them.  Ok, it is more like 10. But clearly, I did because they are hanging in my closet. Last week I posted my What I Wore Wednesday Post  and shared this image:


Then I saw this comment from one of my readers:

My style = your style. Only without all the cardigans. Well, I do wear a few of them. Just not as often as you! – Liza Lee Grace

And then I was all like:
I just realized I have a cardi on in every photo! How funny, but true! – me, the cardigan addict
Suddenly, my eyes were opened. I have a cardigan problem. I wear them nearly every day. I wear them with scarves, over tanks, with t-shirts, to church, and to the grocery story. I have even been known to sleep in them (Just ask my husband).
So what is a girl like me with a cardigan addiction to do? She runs straight to Pinterest to see if there are other easy to wear options for a girl like her. She needs help and she is not afraid to ask.
Here are a few things I or you, if you have a cardigan problem, could wear instead:

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 9.23.35 AM

1. A cropped denim jacket.

2. A boyfriend blazer.

3. Denim shirt

4. Pull over sweater (so not a cardigan)

Can you tell I mean business? I mean, come on, I’ve gone all Pinterst on my problem. By the way, you can follow my efforts to break the cycle here.

Surely this is two steps in the right direction. I have admitted my problem (Twice now). And, I’ve started looking for ways not to wear a cardigan. I’m trying friends, this is all I can do, right?

I think I can do better. Unless of course, Loft calls and asks me to originate my own Stacey Cardi Collection. Which would be AWESOME. And, so not the point.

Can you help a girl out? Do you have a favorite alternative to the cardigan? I’d love to hear from you on the subject. Unless of course you need to confess, too.

Cause ,I’m here for you girl. No matter what.