I make myself a cup of Bengal Spice Tea with whipped cream and sit down in my big white Ikea chair with my laptop open. I take a sip of tea and close my eyes.

“What do I say?”

Do I keep it light?
Do I go deep?
Do I tell you my mind is a soupy mess and my words feel all jumbled up?

I wonder if I should just comment on the books I’m reading (about 5 currently) but not really getting through triumphantly. Oh don’t get me wrong. They are awesome books by some of the sweetest friends. I want to tell you to add them to your summer reading stack and where to get a cute bag to put them in when you go to the beach. I want to say all that but, there is all the typing and linking and blog type stuff that drains me right now. Oh how I want to be bloggish right now.

I take another sip. The whipped cream cloud is now gone.

The Lord is speaking, softly and slowly. He is wooing me to places of comfort and glory. I think much of what He is speaking is for savoring not saying just yet.

I stare into my tea.

But I love to have something to say. I’m used to being the one encouraging you from the rooftops with my megaphone in hand. I like to cheer you on with big bold words of peppiness. But not today.   

So I sit in my watchtower and I wait. I wait for the words God speaks and wants me to say. There are so many pages to be filled this summer. A second book, a proposal or two, and a talk to share just months away.


Fear taunts me from the corner of my mind.

What if I don’t have anything left to say? What if the soupy, jumbled up mess gets soupier and more jumbled.

My tea cup is now empty. I kind of sort of feel the same way.

The Lord leans in a bit closer and raises His voice just enough to remind me of a promise He twice gave me:

“Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak,
and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert;
Waters will flow where there had been none.” Is 43:19

It is happening. Coming just over the horizon. 
You will see it. 
Though you feel like this desert will never end. waters will flow where today there are none. 
Watch closely.

This is the savoring season. The waiting days. The watch the horizon days.

I think I’ll refill my tea cup and keep my eyes fixed on the horizon.