We start tomorrow and I can’t wait! 

I know you might think it is too late to join us for the Fresh Out of Amazing book club, but you can still totally join us!

What you need:

  1. A book – you can order the *Kindle version (or other ebooks) and they are on sale! Yay!  Or grab a paper copy form Barnes and Noble (available at stores nationwide or online) or Amazon.
  2. I will send you chapter 1 for free if you don’t have your book yet. Just click here.
  3. The reading plan: reading-schedule-2
  4. Join us on Facebook or sign up to get emails for free.

Please. Don’t miss this chance to walk through the book with me and some of the loveliest women you will ever meet. Women just like you who are looking to savor some grace today.


I’ll see you tomorrow!