(My heart is aching for the tiny community of Sutherland Springs, TX. When we don’t know what to do, we pray. And we grieve. And we trust that Jesus is in control.)


I’m familiar with the valley of bitterness. The Bible calls it the valley of Achor. I plunged headfirst into it a couple of years ago after my dad passed away suddenly during a battle with cancer. Much of my story of being fresh-out-of-amazing came out of my this time. During my healing process, I came very close to losing my song. Suffice to say this verse became my banner during that very long and heartbreaking season.

Friend, I don’t know where you are today. Maybe you are grieving the loss of your loved one, too. Or maybe, you are heartbroken over the death of a dream that you have held onto for so long. Maybe it is both. I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart I understand. But more importantly, know that if you are in the wilderness, Jesus meets us there. He is the door of hope. He does not leave you alone to break to pieces. He stays. He sings softly. And when your heart is ready he gives you his song.

Prayer is really the sweetest and most tender place to start. You don’t have to speak any fancy words. Jesus speaks the language of our hearts, so rest assured he will hear you through your tears. Of course, you can borrow these.


There is no other way to say it but to tell you straight up that we are:

We need a stirring, Lord, today like no other. We all wait Lord, expectant for you—our door of hope.

And so my prayer for the weary ones, the hurting ones, the hearts that grieve for losses greater than we can express— is for us each to fall on our knees before you. For our hearts to ignite with hope and that you would burn bright in us. Give us eyes to see you and may your hope overflow in our lives to the extent that those we brush up against can’t help but notice we are different.
Make us like you Lord.

And as we grieve, bring a holy healing only you can. Today, as we sit silent before you, let us hear the song you are singing over us. And when we are ready, we will join you, Lord.

In Jesus Name, 

“I slowly worked through the verses and then wrote this in my journal:

“God is in the business of turning valleys of trouble into gateways that lead to acres of hope.”

I wrote these words by faith, because at the time I just didn’t see the gateway leading to anything but more grief.

But praise be to God! With gentleness and grace,

he swings wide open the door of hope when we need it most.” Fresh Out of Amazing


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