Dear Weary Mom,

We passed each other in the cereal aisle today at the grocery store. I may have unintentionally overheard you negotiating with your four year old about how much sugar his sugar cereal could have. I smiled to myself and secretly wanted to give you a fist bump and say, “Solidarity Sister.” You won the victory right there in front of the Lucky Charms and I was proud. But, I know, as do you, that mothering is about a million tiny little conversations we have day in and day and and day out. When you add them all up together they shout love but in the process wear us flat out.

Lately, I find myself weary in ways I can’t quit. It isn’t like I can NOT drive my kids to school or feed them lunch. They need me and there are days when the need overwhelms my ability to meet it. In fact, it seems like that is more the norm than not. But the truth is, no matter how big my weariness feels, I am reminded that nothing I face today is impossible for Jesus.

He is able.

He is my rescuer.

He holds me together.

He is good.

He cares for me.

And when I take a few moments each day to set my mind on these promises from His Word my perspective changes and HOPE rises. I may still look like a weary mom, but my heart is encouraged.

My friend Brooke McGlothlin sat together a couple of years ago and dreamed of a book packed with powerful truths for a weary mom’s heart. We prayed about it and asked God to give us His words for moms like us. Last summer we each wrote on 20 of these truths and pulled them together into a book. Today, that book is finally available where ever books are sold:


I think it is the perfect time to start with HOPE, right where you are.

I wrote most of these truths while stuffed into a booth at Panera Bread last summer. I would order a diet coke and eat a cookie and write during hot summer afternoons. Can I tell you a secret? I cried while I wrote this book. My heart was healing from the soul shattering loss of my daddy a few months before. These truths were balm to my brokenness. Still today, when I read it, tears well up in my eyes. They mean so much to this weary mom and they always will.


I think you might find a bit of encouragement in the pages of this book as well.