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“I loved watching Charlie Brown when I was growing up. Every holiday we were treated to a visit from this motley crew of kids. They taught us about life and relationships in simple comic strip form. My heart broke for Charlie Brown as he tried hard to kick the football, and ended up falling down more times than we could count. You couldn’t stay sad for long, because Snoopy would show up and make us smile with his shenanigans. How perfect is that?

Do you know which character made me crazy? No, it isn’t Lucy in all her bossiness. I have a whole lot of her in me. The character I’m referring to is Pig Pen. Do you remember him and his perpetual cloud of dust? It seemed to me that he was comfortable with his mess. In fact, everyone else thought so too. Do you realize that no one ever commented about his appearance? Maybe it was because they were accepting him as he was. Kids do that. But maybe it was because they thought, “Why bother?” Or, perhaps they all had a mess they were trying to hide, too. To point out his meant they had to own up to their own.

Help, I’m Turning into Pig Pen!

Do you ever wonder why God bothers with us? Wouldn’t it just be easier if he looked the other way or shoved us in his heavenly junk drawer and saved our sorting out for a rainy day? Or better yet, why doesn’t he use someone who has it together far more than we do? There is always someone prettier, skinnier, and more together than me. Surely, that mom is available. She probably even has an app on her phone that keeps her mess in check.”

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