I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book. God did an extraordinary work in my heart as I wrote it last summer on the heels of my husbands cardiac arrest and his recovery. Here is what the back cover says:

How Can Grace Help Me Today?

We know God’s grace is absolutely necessary for our lives—but once we’ve encountered Jesus and accepted His path to salvation, it’s hard to know what grace should look like shining in and through us.

In this welcoming, wise study of Ephesians, Stacey Thacker will show you how…

  • knowing where you belong can diminish insecurity and build confidence
  • knowing what you have can wipe out fear and produce peace
  • knowing whom you love can crush uncertainty and help you endure

You are not alone in facing spiritual battles and hardships, but in them you can know Jesus has provided for your ultimate victory with His grace. Come and see what God is offering you today!

The Girlfriends’ Guide to the Bible series offers fresh, friendly, and faith-renewing wisdom on specific books of the Bible—perfect for individuals and women’s groups alike.

* * *

The NEW release date is September 4, 2018. This is the perfect timing for your fall Bible study. Stay tuned!



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