Today I’m leaving for a conference called .dotMOM. Sponsored by Lifeway, this power packed weekend is meant to bring moms together, encourage their hearts from God’s Word, and let them know they are not alone!  First of all, this mom needs all of that. I mean, if yesterday is any indication I need to be filled up and reminded of the mission call of being a mom x’s about 300. I’m asking God to speak to me loud and clear, with a message  I can carry home to the heart of my family.

Second of all, see this?

Lifeway has invited about 18 bloggers, also moms, to come to the event to do our bloggy thing. Yep, there I am bottom right.  I am excited to be there with many of my favorite bloggers.  I’ll be Tweeting using the #dotmom12, Instagramming, and posting on Facebook.  So if you are a mom or even slightly amused by my social media chattiness, please follow along.  I’ll be sure to give you an official wrap-up next week.

Have a super weekend!