This past weekend I was honored to be invited by Lifeway to be a guest blogger for .dotMOM in Birmingham, Alabama. I had the best time. I’ll probably drone on and on about this event for the next few days, but a mama has to share every detail right?  Thanks so much for being patient with me and pretending like you love every minute! Here are just a few of my notes. . .

  1. I want to use  my influence well. – Jen Hatmaker
  2. Fear makes an already hard job even harder. – Jen Hatmaker
  3. Raising disciples is not a joke. Make us brave sweet Lord! – Jen Hatmaker
  4. Spiritual nourishment is perishable, some of  you are living on yesterday’s bread. – Jen Hatmaker
  5. Laugh as often as you can. – Esther Burroughs
  6. Watch your child’s heart with diligence. – Esther Burroughs.
  7. Every mama needs soul care. – Esther Burroughs
  8. Just love Jesus in front of of your kids. – Angela Cottrell
  9. You are not a fire hydrant, just give your kids daily sips of God’s Word. – Angela Cottrell
  10. Kids learn more by observation than information. – David Thomas
  11. Nothing about parenting ever feels natural. – David Thomas
  12. Your daughter will define herself first on how you see her. – Sissy Goff
  13. Girls who are delighted in feel more delightful. – Sissy Goff
  14. God never intended for our kids to be the center of our worship. – Vicki Courtney
  15. You need to lighten up from trying to be the perfect mother. – Vicki Courtney

We want you to know that what you do as a mom matters. You matter. Don’t ever forget that.

– the .dotMOM Team