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I met Lara through blogging. She has guest posted here once before and we had the fun chance to hang out on MODsquad together for a bit. She also has a fierce love for rapping and dreams of meeting Lacrae.


{Myself, Terilynne, and Lara at Relevant 2011 in the men’s bathroom. True story.}

Lara is an author with a brand new book out called “To Walk or Stay.”  Here is my video review.

This is the awesomeness that comes from my brave friend, Lara Williams.

On “Choosing to Bind to God” {chapter 1}

“the word wait didn’t mean to wait. The word literally meant “to Bind together’ this word stressed the straining of the mind in a certain direction with an expectant attitude.”

He wasn’t calling me to sit around and eat chocolate while waiting. Through that was a tempting choice. He was calling me to bind to Him. He was calling me to strain my mind towards His promises, expecting that He would indeed be faithful.”

From that Isaiah text, He promised to renew my strength if I bound myself to Him.

After some hesitation, I finally took the outstretched hand of my God,  clung to the promise from His Word, and said a reluctant “yes” to Him.”

You can grab a copy for yourself and a friend here at Amazon. (This would make a great group study)
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