People keep asking and I’m guessing you are wondering, too. They want to know how I am. They wonder how long is the right amount of time to let me be and expect me to smile back and say, “I’m good. Fine. How are you?”

Truthfully, I’m OK. I’m sad and OK. Lately, I’ve been mostly exhausted. Able to do some things creatively and necessary for my family, but not more than a few things in a row. Grief has settled in my life with something of a limitation. Almost like a child who can only do so much without a scheduled nap-time. I can do things, but only so much until I fall asleep in my chair at lunch. And here is the thing. As a mom, I have to do certain things. But the invitation throughout this journey has been to simply be. To be near to Jesus. To be OK with a sad heart. To be in the moment.

I’ve learned that grieving is part of the way we heal. It is how our hearts and minds move forward. It is still a fog at times. It rolls in with steadiness, and tiny things bring tears. Don’t even get me started about the Kohls commercial with the little boy and the diving board.

I think this is normal. ┬áBut, since I’ve never really been here before I can’t say.

Today marks a month, but really it feels like yesterday and forever at the same time. ┬áNot one day has passed where I haven’t thought about my dad. Or my mom and how to walk with her through this new normal none of us like.

We walk by faith. We cling to Jesus. He is enough.

I can be OK with where I am today, because Jesus is OK. He is in control. He has me right where He wants me.


I can also report that Hope is at the bottom of the pit ready to catch you when you fall. He really, truly, is.

So next week I’ll add a few more of the chapters from the book. And hopefully soon I’ll have a few other things to share. But for now, let’s stand on our promises. Let’s be grateful for hope.



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