Stacey_thacker hope book mug 2.0


Today I’m going to wake up early.

I’m going to pour a giant sized cup of coffee in my new turquoise mug I found at Walmart. Yes, Walmart.

I’m going to sit in the dark and worship the one who is called “The Hope of All the World.”

I’m going to read 1 John 1:1-4 one more time and pray.

And then, I’m going to try and pretend like it is a normal Tuesday and not let all my feelings get too crazy. Because today is a day the Lord has made. We will rejoice. We will talk about hope. We will celebrate.

Join me?

This week only, launch week, you can get bonus material when you buy the book or if you pre-ordered it. You need to head over to this page on the hope blog to find out the details. Plus, we have some amazing giveaways as well.

Let’s choose hope. Let’s share hope.

Let’s celebrate.

Click here to Choose Hope. 



P.S. Today you can also find me hanging out with my friend Lisa Jo Baker and on the Grace for Moms blog. Please, stop by there and say hi too!

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