The one question I get about Is Jesus Worth It? more than any other is “Why did you use this title?” And that is usually followed by a smile from the person asking the question. They aren’t exactly telling me they don’t like the title. It is actually the kind of smile that would typically be followed by, “Duh. Of course Jesus is worth it.” But since they are truly kind they don’t say that at all. They simply wait for me to answer the question.

The truth is many believers feel a little uncomfortable picking the book up and telling others they are reading it. Perhaps you have thought, “Will other people think I”m questioning my faith if I read it?”   I get it, I really do. You solidly believe Jesus is worth it. Guess what? I do too. I didn’t write this book because I didn’t believe it. I wrote it because I did.

It is ok of you don’t read “Is Jesus Worth It?‘ But I’d to tell you why you should. This book will help you:

  • Consider Jesus.
  • Understand the book of Hebrews (which happens to be my favorite book of the Bible)
  • Encounter a beautiful blend of Old Testament stories and New Testament hope.
  • Fight overwhelming fear with fueled faith.
  • Identify what is holding you back.
  • Discover the one thing you will really need.
  • Look forward.

Do you want to know something? The original title was, ” Finding Christ in Hebrews.” But after writing it and talking it over with my wonderful editor and a few trusted friends we changed it.  I thought about the words God put on my heart to say. I thought about the deepest questions we sometimes ask but are afraid to tell anyone we are asking them. I thought about a girl walking in a book store or cruising online and seeing the title. I thought about her heart catching a bit and her saying to herself, “I want to believe that is true.”

I thought about her.

I thought about you.

I thought about me.

I’ve asked the same questions.

Maybe you aren’t asking this question right now at all. I’m grateful for where you are walking faithfully with Jesus today. But perhaps your friend at work is asking. Maybe a woman at church is walking through a trial that is unsettling her deeply. Maybe she needs a little hope handed to her with a Starbucks Card an invitation to read it together and talk about it.

Maybe she needs to know it is ok to ask questions.

We know who has the answers.

And he is always worth it.

Looking Forward,


P.S. The ebook is on sale until 04/03/2018 for only $1,99 and cheaper. Find it and the traditional paperback at these locations:

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