The Lord is my shepherd – I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1, NIV

I have went around and around with this verse. I have fallen on  it so many times. I have wept over it. I have breathed prayers of desperation and poured out my need in my most threadbare moments.

And not once has He ever let me down.



I’m so tired.

I have nothing to offer.

Yet, I am Martha worked up in the kitchen with a fear that you will look in and see me and think..“Wow. She is not doing her part.”

When really, the problem is I’m trying to do all the parts.

God, I want to lean into you. I know you made me responsible for a reason.

But is it keeping me from experiencing  peace and provision you have for me?

I need your touch Lord – and I need to see my tender and strong LACKING nothing shepherd coming for me and holding me.

I am



completely dependent on you.


lack nothing

have provision

have prepared a path.

have made a safe place for me to rest.

have a table set up – for me and my family to DWELL with you and enjoy your provision.

Oh Lord, do what you can do. Show me today how you have gone before me.

I need to see you today.

Threadbare Prayer: Lord, my tender and strong LACKING NOTHING shepherd, I trust you.