So I wrote a book in December. Sandwiched between cookie baking, last minute shopping, Christmas show serving, work, and school I scratched out 100 prayers for a book called “Threadbare Prayers: Prayers for Hearts that feel Hidden, Hurt, or Hopeless.”

Do me a favor? Remind me NOT to write an entire book in December again.

I’m kidding. Mostly.

The overall feeling I have is gratitude for the opportunity to write this book. It came about suddenly and quite unexpectedly. You may remember, I had been writing Threadbare Prayers off and on over the past year, but wasn’t sure what would come of them. You can find them here.

But God had a plan that included a quick conversation with my agent, an even quicker discussion with a brand new publisher, and the chance to bring it all about in less than a year.

See? God was working behind the scenes all along.

Writing Threadbare was mixed with the ache of a season of hardship and the joy of seeing God bring beauty from it in his own way. And maybe that’s the thread   God was pulling as I wrote it.

He does beautiful work in our broken places if we let him.

I’m still learning that lesson.

You can get your hands on this hardback “GIFT” book in October 2020. I cant’ wait to share it with you. The cover, is gorgeous but I can’t share it with you for a couple more weeks. I think this will be a book you can hand to a friend who is hurting with a prayer bookmarked and say, “I’ll be praying this one for you over and over again.”

And I think it will matter more than you know.

I don’t offer this advice because my own words are anything special. Truly, the Lord has done this work. I was simply humbled to be part of the process.

Currently, I”m still in post book writing recovery. If you need me, I’ll be the one staring out the window, eating my Panera Chocolate Chip cookies, and looking for ways God is working today—in my own threadbare heart.

Looking Forward,