This week my oldest daughter is in tech week for you school play called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” which happens to be one of my top favorite books to read to my girls every Christmas. I always cry when I read it because it has a way of seeing the Gospel Story of Christmas with fresh eyes. Tech week means I have been in the van driving her back and forth from our house, to school, to the theatre most every waking minute.  Which meant not many words were flowing here, there, or anywhere this week!


  1. My Prayer for the Weary Ones this Time of Year: A prayer I wrote a couple of years ago and re-posted this week (because of all the driving and not writing). I find so many people are hurting this time of year. Maybe you could share it too? Or if you happen to be one of the hurting ones, as you read it know I’m praying for you! (click herestacey_thacker-myprayerwearyones-001
  2. This Podcast with Heather and Sara: Sara wrote the forward of Fresh Out of Amazing and Heather (God Centered Mom and host) is a dear friend. I love this conversation based on Sara’s awesome book called Every Bitter Thing is Sweet. I know it will encourage you! (listen here or on iTunes).
  3. Mothers of Daughters Gift Guide:  This is a list from the team of writers and moms at Mothers of Daughters. I personally love any help in shopping for my girls! mothers-of-daughters
  4. These two versions of my last two books are only $4.99 for your Kindle Reader: Grab both of them and have them to read on your smart phone while you stand in line at the store (because you know you are doing that this time of year!) (HOPE click here), Fresh out of Amazing (click here).foacoverfbhi_res_devo
  5. The Fresh Out of Amazing Book Club is coming in January! Sign up here and forget it until after Christmas! Or, better yet put the book on you Christmas list! We will have various ways you can participate in the book club (my heart is for it to work for you where you are Facebook, Insta, Email, etc!( sign up here for free!)

Have a great weekend!