2 Chronicles 20:12

My heart is heavy with so many hurts and heartaches I have heard about since releasing Threadbare Prayer in October. I have received numerous texts, messages on Facebook, and comments about how tears flow every time you read a prayer. I understand because that is EXACTLY how I felt last December when I wrote it.

2020 has been a collective heavy year of grieving.

So I was thinking, what if we took the first 100 days of 2021 and prayed?

What would shift in your threadbare heart?

What would happen if we were honest with God, remembered who he truly was, and thanked him?

What if we surrendered the stuff we can’t make sense of?

What if we did it together for 100 days straight?

Starting January 1: We will start on page 12 with Psalm 23:1 and pray one Threadbare Prayer ever day for 100 days. If my calculations are right we will end around April 12 with Revelation 22:20. Each short devotion takes about 2 minutes to read—or less. Don’t worry if you miss a day, you can always catch up.

I am going to keep a copy with my morning devotions and also going to grab a Kindle Version as well, to have on my phone and use while I am waiting at the grocery store etc.

My plan is to post on Instagram and Facebook the first week and then do regular check ins (day 25, 50, 75, etc).

I am also planning for season 2 of the Threadbare Prayer Podcast to support this 100 days of prayer in a unique way.

In addition I will keep you posted on our progress through email Don’t worry, I won’t send email updates every day! Just a few to encourage you!

One final thought

I keep thinking about God’s timing with this book. I wrote it fast because the publisher needed it for a fall 2020 release. I questioned God many times about it. But obviously, he knew what he was doing. I pray you are blessed by this little book of heartfelt prayers.

Mostly, I pray that in the middle of hard times and good times you hold on to Jesus. Prayer has become the way I do that. And I’m reminded, even more in those times, when I’m talking to my Good Shepherd that he is always holding on to me.

Looking forward,

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