Friends.  It has been 8 months since my last blog post! 

I feel the need to re-introduce myself around here!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Stacey! I’ve been blogging for 12 years. Except 2021 when my blog went down.

I have missed this space so much. I’m not sure what happened, but my entire website has been down. We have tried everything. And today, I received an email with a link to my blog and I clicked on it. I assumed it would tell me that my blog was not responding. Again.

But it didn’t. And I am so very thankful.

So much has happened since January.

Threadbare Prayer is doing great and has been out for almost a year! I  hope you have a copy. If not, you can find it wherever books are sold. Just click here for details. 


My coaching and creative business is going well. I’m currently editing a couple of books and helping to create content for other clients. I am beyond grateful to be able to do this work and to support my family.

I’m sure you want an update on my girls!  My two oldest are working at a local bakery (you know how I feel about cookies so this is wonderful!). I’m still homeschooling my two younger girls (grade 10 and grade 6).  That has been somewhat challenging with working. But we are figuring it out. We have 2 birthdays coming up, but right now they are 21, 18, 15, and 11!


I have been speaking consistently and I’m excited about the upcoming Enjoy God’s Word Online Conference. My session is called, “Available Vessel: How to be Ready for God’s Purposes.” Tickets are only $49 and the content goes live this weekend! The official conference is October 1-2 and features LIVE Q&A with host Katie Orr and the speakers!  My favorites, Angie Elkins, Erin Warren, Teri Lynne Underwood, Denise Hughes and more are part of this year’s conference. Find out more here.

If you are a pastor’s wife of in full time ministry you can use the code MINISTRY2021 for a deeply discounted ticket! This conference will bless you with the theme alone of “Poured Out.” I can’t think of a better way to encourage your heart in the Word! It is an online conference and you will have lifetime access to watch whenever it works for you! Check it out!

2 Chronicles 20:12

I know there is a lot of heaviness in our world today. Sunday I attended a celebration service for a dear friend named Lynda who passed away. She was in my small group for the past few years and I miss her so much already. Lynda loved Threadbare Prayer and made it her personal ministry to give copies away to so many people she met. I believe she gave away between 30-50 copies. Hardly was there a week in the past year, that Lynda didn’t text me a story about someone she gave the book to and what happened as a result. She also faithfully prayed for me during every single interview I had for the book. One verse that will always remind me of her is this one:

  I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

Lynda taught me so much. One of her favorite sayings about Jesus was, “Who does that?” And she said it all the time during our Bible study. I can’t help but wonder what she would tell me about her first week in heaven if she could. I think she would probably say, “It is better than we thought. He is more gracious than we know. Stay the course. Jesus is so worth it.”

Because, He is.

Looking forward,